Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was asked tonight in Las Vegas about the claims by his running mate Donald Trump that the presidential election will be rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Do you really believe that the electoral system is rigged? Megyn Kelly asked the Republican VP choice. 

Pence countered that Trump is speaking about overall media bias and the "combination of a political and media class" that is trying to defend the status quo.

But Pence emphasized that voter fraud is real and encouraged supporters to, "in a respectful way," help ensure the integrity of the election. 

Brit Hume asked whether there would really be enough voter fraud to swing a national election. Pence said he doesn't think that would be the case, but noted that his state is dealing with cases involving voter registration fraud. 

Kelly then pressed Pence on whether he believes all of the women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct are lying. 

Pence responded that the allegations are "unsubstantiated" and Trump "categorically denies" them, but faulted the media for its extensive coverage.

Kelly followed up by pointing out that the allegations of a People Magazine reporter have been backed up contemporaneously by six people.

See the interview above and tune in for full post-debate coverage on The Kelly File (11pm ET) and Hannity (12am ET).

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