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A number of Hollywood celebrities have threatened to leave the United States if Donald Trump is elected president--most recently British-American actress Sienna Miller--Neil Cavuto reported on Your World.

Iconic entertainment reporter Robin Leach, a British citizen, blasted Miller and other stars as "hypocrites".

"I'd buy the [airline] tickets," he said, "They take all our money and then they badmouth the country."

Leach, 75, who favors Trump but cannot vote in the United States, criticized both candidates, saying it is "tragic that America--the greatest country in the world--comes down to two people that literally, you wouldn't vote for either."

He spoke of a recent trip to Italy during which people he spoke to were equally surprised by the choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

"It's the muck that's resonating," Leach said of the presidential race, "I've known Donald Trump since the 1980s. He never--not the slightest bit of impropriety."

Leach, who hosted "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" said 18 of his 19 reporters were women and "nobody...ever came back and said 'Donald Trump was a bad boy'. I don't believe any of it--dirty Chicago politics at its finest."

"The future of the world has come down to one team slugfesting with slime [and] lies to justify [Trump] not getting elected."

He also said it was "highly possible" that Trump could win in "Brexit" fashion--be down in the polls and still come out victorious after the votes are tallied.

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