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An American military spokesman said the operation to free Mosul, Iraq from ISIS terrorists is proceeding as planned, and Iraqi forces are making excellent progress, Bret Baier reported on Special Report.

Baier asked syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer whether a successful Mosul mission will pay dividends for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, seen as more of a continuation of Obama administration policy than a Donald Trump White House would.

"To the extent that it breaks through into the helps to give some shielding to Clinton in defending what is generally a failed foreign policy," he said.

"The fact we are moving on Mosul is not going to have an immediate effect. Its effect will depend on the outcome, and on the casualties," he continued, adding that there have not yet been any US casualties.

"[Casualties] will make it very difficult for the administration," he said, predicting the battle to "take weeks" and add to a "mixed legacy".

He pointed to the "catastrophe in Aleppo [Syria], where the city is being destroyed," as well as the intervention in Libya which led to the fall of the Qaddafi regime: "a war of choice".

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