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Tuesday on The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly discussed the effectiveness of notable political ads with pollster Frank Luntz.

A Clinton-supporting PAC recently aired an ad featuring a veteran shot down during the Vietnam War, who described why he took issue with Donald Trump criticizing Sen. John McCain for "being captured" in the southeast Asian war.

"The fact that the Clinton campaign is using a veteran to attack Donald Trump is a very effective thing to do," Luntz said.

He also aired a pro-Trump political ad, featuring Hillary loudly asking rhetorically "why am I not 50 points ahead?".

The narrator counters Clinton by explaining that the fact FBI Director Jim Comey said she lied about her emails, that she allowed ISIS "terror to spread", and noted her "basket of deplorables" comment.

"Do you really need to ask?" the narrator says.

"It worked because it was Hillary Clinton's voice--it was her own words--it was her insulting voters as opposed to Trump," Luntz said, adding that Clinton's "number one weakness" is her integrity.

He also outlined what both candidates need to do in the closing weeks to wrap up their campaign.

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