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Ed Henry reported on "America's Newsroom" today about the latest WikiLeaks release of Hillary Clinton campaign emails.

Henry said that the 11th dump of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta's emails, which came out Tuesday morning, contains interesting details on the campaign's narrative on the Benghazi terror attack and strategy for showing support for Israel.

"We see an email exchange among John Podesta [and] other top aides, where Hillary Clinton was being coached on, in their words, 'how to stir up some moral outrage against Republicans' at this Benghazi hearing several months ago," Henry reported.

The leaked emails also show Clinton aides debating early in her campaign how strongly she should voice her support for Israel.

He said that Israel debate underscores the main issue with the Democratic nominee: "You're seeing two different Hillary Clintons."

"You're seeing one in public, on Israel, example, saying 'strong ally of Israel,' 'be there for Israel,' 'I'll do whatever I can' in her speeches," Henry said. "And then in private, they're saying, 'Well, wait a second, let's not be too strong of an ally publicly. That's going to hurt us with the left.'"

He noted that Clinton also had public and private positions on Wall Street, based upon whether she was speaking at campaign rallies or giving closed-door paid speeches to financial firms like Goldman Sachs.

"It's politics as usual."

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