Klein: State Dept Security, Secret Service 'Hated' Working for Hillary

New WikiLeaks Release Contains Clinton Campaign Emails on Benghazi, Israel

Benghazi Victim's Mom Will Attend the 3rd Presidential Debate as Guest of Trump

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According to new FBI documents, one of Bill Clinton's secret service agents helped maintain Hillary Clinton's private email server, Martha MacCallum reported.

"People on the inside [of the secret service] have told me that they really see this woman [Hillary Clinton] as a very unique threat to our republic," former secret service agent and former Congressional candidate Daniel Bongino said on America's Election HQ.

"This story...is totally against the rules [and] totally unsurprising to me," he said.

Bongino also responded to another missive mentioned by MacCallum, which said Clinton apparently refused to ride in a vehicle with the leader of a country she was visiting, instead requesting to be accompanied by her top aide Huma Abedin.

"[The] breach of protocol was so contemptuous that many [agents] sought to be assigned elsewhere," the message read.

"She did treat her secret service agents generally...poorly," Bongino said, "This elitist snob attitude toward the military and secret service agents...parlays into this elitist attitude toward government too--that the rules don't apply to her," Bongino said.

"There are agents...that are deathly afraid of this woman--it's odd that the Left uses 'unique threat to democracy' to describe Donald Trump--that's the exact same expression [agents] use to talk about Hillary Clinton."

"This woman has to be kept out of the White House," he said.

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