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If this video is any indication, students at Georgetown University overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton. 

So Campus Reform sent a reporter onto the D.C. campus following the publication of a Fox News poll last week that found 54% of voters see Clinton as a role model for kids.

The reporter asked the students a simple question: name an accomplishment that makes the former First Lady a worthy role model. 

Most were stumped. A few managed to come up with something at least. 

"The fact that she's worked in government says a lot. She's qualified," one girl said. 

"Being the first woman to, like, run for president," another answered. 

A male student applauded Clinton for "morph[ing] her political views to align with, like, what the majority of the country wants." 

He disputed that it was evidence of "flip-flopping" though, arguing that people change their political views all the time.

Watch the full sampling of answers above and let us know your thoughts.

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