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Before commencing his remarks at a rally in Green Bay, Wis., Donald Trump spoke with Carl Cameron about new revelations of a proposed 'quid pro quo' on behalf of the State Department regarding classification levels of emails on Hillary Clinton's private server.

As reported:

A senior State Department official proposed a “quid pro quo” to convince the FBI to strip the classification on an email from Hillary Clinton’s server – and repeatedly tried to “influence” the bureau’s decision when his offer was denied, even taking his plea up the chain of command, according to newly released FBI documents.

Fox News first reported Saturday that the FBI interview summaries and notes, known as 302s, contained allegations of a quid pro quo. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who initially told Fox News of the claim, called it a “flashing red light of potential criminality.”

Documents published Monday morning confirm the account. Notes from an interview with an unnamed FBI official reveal the State Department Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy tried to horse-trade with the FBI, offering additional slots for the bureau overseas if they would de-classify a particular email marked “SECRET.”

According to the documents, an unnamed individual said he was “pressured” to “change the classified email to unclassified.”

"It's illegal what's taking place between the Justice Department and the FBI and the Secretary of State," Trump said, calling the revelations a "criminal act".

Trump said it was troubling that Republicans plan to hold a hearing regarding the situation after the presidential election.

"Why after?" he asked, adding that there is over three weeks until Election Day to allow Congress to adjust their schedule.

"This is serious stuff," he said, "This is Watergate."

Trump also discussed his occasional sparring with House Speaker Paul Ryan, as Cameron noted the Republican nominee was rallying voter's in Ryan's state.

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