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Recent polling from numerous outlets show Donald Trump still somewhat within striking distance of current front-runner Hillary Clinton, Bill O'Reilly said in his Talking Points memo.

The most recent ABC News poll shows Trump trailing by 4 points, NBC has him behind by 11 and CBS News has him nine points back.

The most recent Fox News poll shows Clinton with a seven-point lead. 

O'Reilly suggested that, for Trump to regain his momentum, he would need to "put aside feuding" with folks like Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and some of his media detractors.

Trump needs to "quickly dispatch charges" from women or others in his past that allege misconduct against the onetime reality star, O'Reilly said.

"Hone in on three major themes," he suggested, "economy...immigration, and chaos overseas," adding that the New York businessman should chiefly target Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania as swing states he could flip in his favor.

For Clinton, O'Reilly said her most important task is to "talk to voters--convince them she's not corrupt."

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