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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich reacted to the release of an undercover video purportedly showing Democratic operatives taking responsibility for stoking violence at Donald Trump rallies.

Fox News has not independently verified the authenticity of the content in the videos.

"I think if it turns out to be a systematic organization that blocked Trump from even having a meeting in Chicago, its a direct assault on democracy and the rule of law," Gingrich said on Hannity.

He also mentioned the recent firebombing of a Republican Party headquarters in central North Carolina.

"The Left is so terrified of a genuine outsider winning," he said, "Hillary Clinton should adamantly condemn it...and let's clean this thing up."

Sean Hannity explained that the videos, if authenticated, would show coordination between these actors and the Democratic National Committee--and therefore a violation of campaign finance law.

Regarding the WikiLeaks trove of released emails, Gingrich said it revealed a "giant criminal enterprise disguised as a foundation...and a [presidential] campaign."

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