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'The Simpsons' rolls out its 600th episode on Sunday night, as it continues its 28th season on FOX.

To commemorate the milestone, the show rolled out an animated short spoofing the presidential election.

Opening at Springfield Middle School on Election Day, the clip shows Mr. Burns and Waylon Smithers walking side by side into the polling place, the wealthy Burns wearing an 'Average Joes for Trump' shirt and Smithers an 'I'm With Him' Hillary-themed shirt, the "H" arrow pointing at Burns.

What looks to be a bearded man in full Red Sox attire stands in front of Homer in line to sign in.

The man engages in a discussion about the candidates, asking Homer Simpson who he's voting for.

"The candidate who forgave her husband, no matter what he did--NOT the guy who really likes his daughter."

"I like this Trump fellow: Good businessman, never sleeps, doesn't pay his taxes--legally," the "Sox fan" says.

The two begin to argue, as Homer grabs at the man's face--which turns out to be a mask hiding the man's true identity.

Who is he? Watch the clip above to find out.

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