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Saturday on Fox & Friends, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who, like Donald Trump, has run against what he called the "Clinton political machine", discussed what the Republican presidential candidate needs to know about combating it in the closing days of his campaign.

"In every race I was in, [I was] running against the Clinton political machine," Huckabee told Tucker Carlson.

In 1998, Huckabee was running for reelection as governor of Arkansas, a post Bill Clinton once held. He described 18 front page stories in the 19 days prior to Election Day on the Natural State's top newspaper as being critical of him.

One can expect "a full-frontal assault just before the elections--allegations, end to it," he said, "The Clintons play to win. Everything is on the table...private investigators--whatever it takes to find something."

"If they don't find it they will fabricate it," he said.

To Trump, he said, "Don't take the bait and respond to all of [the allegations]--you're off your message and on their message," saying it would take longer than the time until Election Day to formally "verify" accusations against Trump.

"We can verify what Hillary Clinton will do if she is elected president."

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