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Arnold Jones, a 50-year-old convicted drug trafficker doing time in a federal prison applied for a commuted prison sentence from President Obama after the commander-in-chief announced a program to offer clemency to drug crime offenders, Abby Huntsman reported on Fox & Friends.

Obama chose Jones, of Lubbock, Texas, to be one of the nearly 30,000 criminal offenders who have been offered clemency--but Jones then turned it down.

Sentenced in 2002 and scheduled for release in 2022, Jones apparently disagreed with the clemency stipulation that he participate in an "intensive" drug treatment program, which would have allowed him to be released instead in about two years.

According to USA Today, Jones may be banking on the possibility of being released in 2019 if he is given credit for good behavior at his facility in Beaumont, Texas, near the Louisiana border.

Federal authorities declined to offer further details of Jones' case to the paper, but records showed he was a weekly crack cocaine user who found similar treatment programs to be ineffective.

Twenty-two percent of Obama's clemency offers included a rehabilitation requirement, the paper said.

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