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Judge Jeanine Pirro said on Fox & Friends that she questions the timing of the new allegations from several women against Donald Trump.

Pirro pointed out that the hacked WikiLeaks emails - which exposed the inner workings of the Clinton team - quickly took a backseat in terms of media attention.

"It's a little too convenient. All of a sudden all of these people on one day on the day when WikiLeaks starts coming out? Look, you've got the mainstream media in cahoots with the Clinton campaign," she argued.

Pirro said the media is supposed to be the fourth estate, keeping politicians honest, but instead it's become clear that they want Hillary Clinton to become president.

Some of Trump's accusers have said they chose to come forward in response to the 2005 footage that showed Trump boasting about grabbing women's genitals.

On top of that, they accuse Trump of lying to Anderson Cooper in the second debate when he specifically denied ever touching a woman without consent.

Trump called the allegations of groping and unwanted sexual advances "ridiculous" and "fabricated" at a rally Thursday in Florida. 

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