Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee joined America's Newsroom today, declaring that journalism "is dead" in America and that it's given way to "advocacy."

"[Trump] is on to something in that the media is in an absolute frenzy to try to destroy the man. They sat on this stuff for years and they waited until just before the election release it," said Huckabee, referring to the lewd 2005 "Access Hollywood" footage of Trump and the slew of sexual assault allegations by women in recent days. 

Huckabee said Trump should let his surrogates fight the press while he "fights the people's battles," making the case that Hillary Clinton is in favor of open borders, higher taxes and more gun control. 

"We could go through a litany. Focus on those things and remind people that this election is not about something Donald Trump said 11 years ago. This is about the future of the country."

Martha MacCallum asked why Trump repeatedly goes down "rabbit holes" instead of staying on his big-picture message. Huckabee answered that Trump has never run for office before and is still figuring out how to handle a hostile media. 

"They hate his guts. This is not a 'mild sort of, gee, we don't really like him' as we may have seen with other Republicans. They absolutely loathe Donald Trump," he said.

Watch the interview above and see more from Gov. Huckabee tonight on Hannity at 10pm ET!

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