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Everything's bigger in Texas!

A 900-pound alligator was captured this week in Beaumont, Texas.

Gary Saurage and his team at Gator Country were called to the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge to help remove the giant reptile on Wednesday after it swam up to a boat dock on Champion Lake.

Measuring 13 feet, 8 inches long and weighing nearly half a ton, "Big Tex" - as he's been affectionately dubbed - is the largest alligator that has ever been captured live in Texas.

Saurage and his team captured "Big Tex" by baiting him to swim into rope lassos they placed in the water.

The record-breaking gator has since been relocated to the 20-acre Gator Country facility, where he will live out his days with 450 other large alligators.

Watch the "Varney & Co." report above.

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