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Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has increased to seven points, as more than half of voters say he is not qualified to be president, according to a new national Fox News poll of likely voters.

In a four-way race, Clinton received 45 percent to Trump's 38 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein got seven and three percent, respectively.

In a two-way matchup, it’s Clinton over Trump by eight (49-41 percent). She had a four-point edge a week ago (48-44 percent).

64 percent said Clinton has the right temperament to serve effectively, and 68 percent said she’s qualified to be president. 

For Trump, on the other hand, 63 percent think he lacks the temperament and 56 percent said he isn’t qualified.  For 49 percent, he is “not at all” qualified.

Clinton has a 19-point lead on Trump among women.

See the full poll results.

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