Here's a video that's going viral for all the right reasons. 

Before a volleyball game at San Antonio's Holmes High School, the national anthem recording stopped working. 

Rather than skip it, a senior named Marina Garcia sprang into action.

She ran over to center court and grabbed the mic!

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The moment was shared on Facebook by the school district, which wrote:

No music, no prep time, no problem! When a recording of the National Anthem didn't work at the Holmes HS volleyball game, one of the players stepped up and delivered an amazing rendition to the delight of her teammates and the audience. Marina, you are definitely #NISDStrong!

The video quickly spread online, being shared and liked thousands of times on Facebook. 

Marina's proud mom thanked the commenters for their praise. 

"Hello everyone, Marina is my daughter. We thank you for all of your comments about this unexpected performance. Marina is a senior @ HHS and makes us very proud with her God given talent. Thanks again!"

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