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On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer reacted to the various scandals facing the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigns, and the "hypocrisy" that's being displayed by both Democrats and Republicans.

"I think we have an electorate that's beginning to feel soiled and in need of a shower," Krauthammer remarked.

He argued that both candidates and both parties have been hypocritical during this highly contentious and controversial election season.

"Think of the bi-lateral hypocrisy," Krauthammer said. "During the [Bill] Clinton scandals, the Democrats insisted, 'This is private, none of your business. Character isn't important. It's the delivery of goods, services, actions as president.'"

"Now, of course, they're shocked - shocked! - to find all this stuff with Trump."

Meantime, Trump paraded out Clinton sexual assault accusers, but now he's responding to his own accusers the same way the Democrats did during the former president's scandals, Krauthammer said.

"Neither party is clean on this."

Krauthammer said voters had already heard about the Bill Clinton sexual accusations, while the Trump allegations are "fresh" and therefore having more of an impact. 

He said Trump may have come back a bit in the polls after the second debate, but that a seven-point deficit nationally with 26 days to go is "deadly."

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