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"The words ethics and journalist should never be used in the same sentence," Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told Sean Hannity.

"All of our institutions of government have been infected by this corruption and to put Mrs. Bill Clinton in the White House would ...only deepen it," he said.

"When Loretta Lynch meets Bill Clinton on the tarmac days before they make the decision not to charge Mrs. Bill Clinton, with a mound of evidence of criminal activity...when Eric Holder wouldn't turn over papers to Congress as he was supposed to do by law... the IRS with ...the attacks on conservative 501c3's."

Clarke said the establishment in Washington is "thumb[ing] their nose at the rule of law."

"The law only pertains to you, I and the little guy, and it doesn't pertain to them."

"Only Donald J. Trump gives us a chance to break up this Washington cartel and bring the power back to the states," he said.

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