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Wednesday On The Record, Brit Hume asked former House Speaker John Boehner if he wanted his "old job" back, in the wake of the war of words between Donald Trump and Boehner's successor, Paul Ryan.

"No thanks," he smiled.

"Paul Ryan is in a very difficult spot. He's the leader of the majority party and if the Republicans aren't the majority party anymore [in 2017] then he's not the speaker."

"Paul is looking out for his this crazy political season."

On the release of vulgar remarks made by Donald Trump in 2005, on a tape released last week, Boehner said he was "disgusted by it."

"You can't defend it. Frankly Donald Trump isn't trying to defend it."

Boehner however maintained his support of the New York businessman.

"The election is pretty simple...[it's about] who's going to appoint the next Supreme Court nominees... two, three, maybe four."

"I believe that Donald Trump's view of who these judges should be is much closer to where I am than...Hillary Clinton."

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