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The FBI is investigating the crash of a small plane in East Hartford, Connecticut, calling it an intentional act, Rob Schmitt reported.

Schmitt said details behind the crash are scarce, other than a report that, from his hospital bed, the surviving pilot said he and the student pilot who died in the crash got into an argument in midair.

The 28-year-old student pilot, Feras Mohammed Freitekh, a Jordanian national, told the pilot he didn't want to fly anymore, and moments later the plane crashed.

Former FAA official Scott Brenner told Melissa Francis that Freitekh was reportedly under a lot of pressure from his family back in Jordan to become a pilot--something he did not want to do.

Brenner said Freitekh left pilot school temporarily to attend language school before returning to his aviation training.

Schmitt said the site of the crash being only a few hundred yards from federal defense contractor Pratt & Whitney, which manufactures military jet engines, may explain the intense FBI investigation.

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