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Former Reagan Secretary of Education William J. Bennett reacted to the latest WikiLeak of Clinton aides' emails, including those in which the Catholic Church and Evangelical Christianity are attacked, on The Kelly File.

"This crowd has been anti-Catholic for a long time," Bennett said, saying Communications Director Jen Palmieri and others implicated in the emails engaged in "leftist anti-Catholicism."

"These are trans-Atlantic agnostic progressives--they do not believe in things like the authority of the Catholic Church," he told Megyn Kelly.

"I worry that the age of Clinton has been with us too long...but the Catholic Church will outlast the Clintons," Bennett said.

The conservative host added that Clinton allies "can't stand" traditional Catholic viewpoints on same-sex marriage and abortion.

He called Palmieri's response to the emails, in which she said "I don't recognize [them]"  as a non-denial-denial.

"At least [Trump] made an effort [to apologize]," Kelly said.

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