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College protesters at the University of California-Irvine recently staged a "Blue Lives Don't Matter" protest.

The students believe "it's police officers who are the problem," Elizabeth MacDonald reported on Risk & Reward.

Dozens of students at the school disrupted a discussion on police-community relations, chanting: "No justice, no peace--take to the streets; [expletive] the police".

They called for the end of the campus police department, MacDonald said.

These are "kids that are effectively feral," author Kevin Jackson said.

"They haven't been taught anything [but] the liberal narrative [on campus]."

"Blue lives do matter," he said, "[police keep] regular citizens safe."

"These kids act as if cops are out hunting black people. Cops would rather stay in the suburbs...than go and have to face the scourge of what happens in the black community."

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