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Trump on Having to Work with Ryan If Elected: 'Maybe He'll Be in Different Position'

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Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence told Sean Hannity that he 'respectfully disagrees' with his longtime friend, Speaker Paul Ryan, who recently decided not to actively campaign for Donald Trump.

Pence said he just finished a great rally in the swing state of Iowa, and that many members of Congress were happy to help his ticket.

"[Senator] Roy Blunt asked me to come into Missouri," he said.

"Many Democrats are responding to Donald Trump's message that we can 'Make America Great Again' Ronald Reagan did in the '80s."

On the WikiLeaks email releases, Pence said the "pull[ed] back the curtain that Hillary Clinton is different in private than she is in public."

"She told some donor group that you need [a public and private position on policy]," he said, noting her response in the second debate channeled the 16th president.

"I prefer dishonest Hillary to not associate herself with Honest Abe," Pence said.

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