Donald Trump has taken a lot of criticism since Sunday night's debate for vowing to re-investigate Hillary Clinton's private emails if he becomes president. 

Trump said he would appoint a special prosecutor and reiterated the statement at a rally in Pennsylvania last night. 

Clinton responded that she was glad that someone with Trump's temperament isn't in charge of U.S. law enforcement.

"Because you'd be in jail," Trump shot back in a moment that delighted his supporters.

Charles Krauthammer said last night that the remark was a "low point" for Trump, saying it crossed a line of political decency and likened the idea to a "banana republic."

On Outnumbered today, the hosts discussed the situation, with Dagen McDowell arguing that Trump should pick his words more carefully in debates. 

She pointed out that the "lock her up!" rhetoric works among his hardcore supporters, but it "might not ring the same way" among a broader audience. 

Meghan McCain said the remark was one of his strongest moments because even many Democrats have a hard time with the notion that the Clintons "live by a different standard."

"I've said it before: Hillary Clinton could probably murder someone and somehow she'd get away with it. Hands down. The Clintons don't live by the same laws that you and I do."

McCain said she didn't take the remark as seriously as other pundits did, believing that Trump was pointing out that "she would be in jail if her last name wasn't Clinton."

Watch the discussion above and let us know your take!

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