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Larry Sabato, author of the Crystal Ball election predictor, explained on On The Record tonight why he is currently projecting that Hillary Clinton will win by a significant margin.

"We don't allow for tossups," the University of Virginia Center for Politics director said , adding that he still has Donald Trump winning Arizona, but now sees Hillary Clinton winning the swing states of Ohio and North Carolina.

In the end Sabato's map awarded Clinton a projected 341 electoral votes, far surpassing the 270 that are needed to be elected president.

Barack Obama was elected with 365 electoral votes in 2008 and 332 in 2012.

Trump is polling at "80 percent with Republicans," Sabato said, "that will enable him to keep this [race] within a certain number of points--five or six."

Brit Hume asked Sabato which states Trump has the best possibility of flipping when the professor releases his next updated map.

"The first place we would look is Ohio," he said, noting that the crucial Buckeye State was in Trump's column in recent weeks.

Sabato emphasized the importance of early voting results, highlighting the fact that 40 percent of Americans are expected to cast ballots before Election Day and that the Democrats "are banking votes" at a far higher rate than the GOP.

"The Clinton campaign just has a far better ground game than the Trump people do. ... Trump has not invested [requisite] money in a GOTV [get out the vote] program [as Clinton has]," he added.

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