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Gerri Willis returned to Fox Business Network this week, five months after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to take an extended medical leave.

Willis joined Neil Cavuto today to discuss her journey and the lessons she's learned.

She revealed that several months before her diagnosis she had a mammogram, so she thought she was in the clear.

When she discovered a lump, she went to her physician who insisted she go to the hospital to get thoroughly checked out.

Tests revealed that she had lobular breast cancer, which represents just 10 to 15 percent of breast cancer cases.

As she progressed through her treatment, doctors discovered the cancer was more advanced than they had originally thought, Stage 3 rather than early Stage 2.

That meant more aggressive treatment, including surgeries, four months of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiation.

Willis told Cavuto the whole experience has been sobering.

"I came away remembering what my real priorities are," she said. "It's family that is most important, and they were certainly behind me every step of the way. And remembering, you're a person and a human being, and not a robot. And so all of those lessons came back to me."

"I'm feeling a little tired, but otherwise great. [It's] a real lift being back here and seeing everybody. And a shout-out to the viewers, who have been unbelievable on social media, telling me their cancer stories and sharing their hopes for my recovery. It's been unbelievable."

Read more about Willis' journey, here. And keep up-to-date with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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