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The Trump campaign fired its Virginia co-chairman after he staged a protest rally in front of the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, alleging a "deliberate [attempt] to undermine the Trump campaign", by diverting resources from the Old Dominion and elsewhere to down-ballot races.

Stewart, a 2017 gubernatorial candidate in the Commonwealth, told protesters he had been threatened by the campaign:

"Those RNC establishment pukes who have worked their way into the Trump campaign just moments ago threatened me...that they're going to terminate me as chairman of the campaign in Virginia."

Stewart told Melissa Francis he had no regrets about the rally, even after--as the Washington Post reported-- Citizens United president and Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie warned him about repercussions should he follow through.

"The reason I did this is out of loyalty to Mr. Trump. What I saw...from the RNC is the effect of pressure from establishment politicians like Paul Ryan and Mitt deprive [the campaign] of resources in important swing states like Virginia."

The RNC "is deliberately trying to undermine the Trump campaign--this is not one big happy unified entity." Stewart said.

Stewart is also chairman of the board of supervisors for Prince William County-- about 25 miles south and west of Washington, D.C-- where has drawn national attention for promoting strict police policy toward suspected illegal immigrants.

"I was Trump before Trump was Trump," Stewart, 48, has said in the past.

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