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Look who showed up on the Fox & Friends curvy couch this morning ... "mini Trump!"

The 2-year-old Pennsylvania boy, Hunter Tirpak, joined Donald Trump on stage Monday night when the Republican candidate noticed the boy dressed up in a suit and red tie.

"Bring him up," Trump said, marveling at the boy's noticeably similar hairstyle. 

Trump held the boy, asked him his name, and gave him a kiss.

"He's supposed to look like Donald Trump, but you are much too good looking--you are handsome," Trump said.

After a few moments, Trump asked the boy, "would you like to go back to [your parents] or stay with Donald Trump?"

"Trump!" the boy said, as the large crowd erupted in cheers.

Hunter's mom, Jessica, told Steve Doocy, Tucker Carlson and Ainsley Earhardt that other members of the crowd were trying to get Trump's attention about the little look-alike.

She said that the hair is real, despite some media reports claiming her son was wearing a wig. Jessica said she came up with the idea to dress Hunter like Trump in April and that this was his second Trump rally. 

"He's different and change is needed. He thinks outside the box," Jessica said when asked why her family supports Trump. 

Doocy asked her about the lewd Trump comments that surfaced Friday and how that affects her views. 

"I really don't like to talk too much on negativity," she explained.

Watch the cute interview above.

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