Donald Trump has now hit back on Twitter after House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said he would not campaign with the GOP presidential nominee. 

Ryan also made it clear that he would no longer defend Trump during a conference call this morning with House Republicans. News of the call prompted a blunt response from Trump:

Peter Barnes reported today on Happening Now that the phone call between Ryan and his colleagues was "nothing short of an emergency" discussion.

Barnes said Ryan instructed his fellow House Republicans to do what is best for each of them in their respective districts.

Ryan, along with other Republicans, have sought to distance themselves from Trump following the release Friday of a "hot mic" tape in which Trump boasted in 2005 about grabbing women's genitals.

On Friday night, as some Republicans called on Trump to drop out of the race, Ryan announced that Trump would no longer appear with him at an event that took place Saturday. 

"I am sickened by what I heard today. Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified," the 2012 VP nominee said in a statement.

Watch the report above.

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