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Sean Hannity confronted a number of high-profile Democrats in the 'Spin Room' following Sunday's debate.

He caught up with Clinton campaign chairman and former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, John Podesta.

"Why would words of Donald Trump mean more than the actions of Bill [Clinton] and the smearing by Bill and Hillary?" he asked, referencing the vulgar 2005 tape featuring Trump released last week, and comparing it to allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton.

"When did this [issue] come up?" Podesta responded, "When he lost the first debate and walked into the 'spin room'."

"[Trump is] going back to 20-year-old matters that were litigated," he added.

Hannity also spoke briefly with AFL-CIO union president Richard Trumka.

Asking Trumka about the some of the "worst economic statistics" America has seen coming out on Obama's watch, Trumka said they were "worse under George W. Bush."

He blamed Kentucky senator and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as well as the Republicans in Congress on the whole for the economic troubles.

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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