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Monday On the Record, Brit Hume asked whether Donald Trump did enough in the debate to stop the "bleeding" of his support, following the release of a vulgar 2005 discussion about women with TV host Billy Bush late last week

"He was down to 72 percent of Republican [support], so we're back where we were over the summer," former Bush special assistant Scott Jennings said.

"Right now..he's re-herding his own sheep when he needs to be out raiding someone else's ranch," Jennings said of Trump's penchant for continuing to solidify his base instead of reaching out to other voters.

"We have to see...if he did bring [Republicans] back on board," he added.

Jennings said 93 percent of Republican voters in 2012 cast their vote for Romney.

"It's really win the presidency without 90 percent of your own party."

Trump may "literally have nothing to lose in the third debate."

Don't miss the final presidential debate, moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace, on Wednesday October 19 at 9 p.m. ET.

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