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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Donald Trump "did much better tonight" than in the first debate.

"Trump came in prepared to go as hard as he needed to," Gingrich said, adding that Hillary Clinton "steadily lost--because her case is so bad."

"Once you get into substance, she starts to disintegrate," he told Sean Hannity.

"She was false about when the 'red line' in Syira occurred--she was secretary of state when it was announced."

Gingrich also commented that Trump "managed to thread a needle", by carefully incorporating the stories of four women who have accused the Clintons of misconduct.

"[He had the] press conference in advance--having the women there--and only counter-punching when she [brought up] the issue [of Trump's derogatory comments toward women].

He said that if Trump improves as much as he did between the first and second debate when he participates in the third presidential debate - with Fox News' own Chris Wallace - "it will be embarrassing [for Clinton]."

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