Charles Krauthammer said on The Kelly File that Donald Trump's campaign was going to be over if he had another bad debate. 

Krauthammer said he viewed the town hall debate as "roughly a draw" on points, but that the result was a victory for Trump because it may have at least "salvaged" his campaign.

He argued that Trump may not have broadened his support, especially among women, but that wasn't necessarily the task after the release of his lewd 2005 comments on a hot mic.

"His task was to save his campaign by stopping the hemorrhaging in the GOP. We might see that over the next few days. where instead of a mass flight for the exits, that might be reduced as a result of the fact that he had good moments and essentially in the second half of the debate, had a more dominant presence," said Krauthammer. 

He ended by saying it's hard to see Trump closing the gap in the polls and he probably needs some type of outside revelation, like something from Wikileaks, in order to defeat Hillary Clinton. 

Watch his full analysis above.

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