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Greg Gutfeld says that Donald Trump "made up for lost time" at the second presidential debate last night by more aggressively attacking Hillary Clinton.

"After going soft about the emails in the first debate, Trump dropped the hammer," Gutfeld said, singling out the Republican nominee's much-applauded "you'd be in jail" quip.

He said that clip will be replayed over and over, and it resonates because that's what many Americans think about Clinton.

"Why is she getting away with this? How is this possible?" Gutfeld said of her much-criticized private email server. "It was a good moment for him."

Gutfeld said the question now, however, is if Trump's debate performance will appeal to anyone else, or if it's just a belated "pick-me-up" for his supporters.

"[Clinton] just grinned, as the polls widen, knowing there were more shoes to drop," Gutfeld said. "And each one will overshadow her own wretched failures, as she smirks her way back to the oval office."

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