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After saving her life, the parents of a two-month-old Georgia girl gave a police officer a touching reward.

They named him the baby's godfather.

Officer Kenneth Knox of Greenville, near Columbus, was called to a home after the Ma'Yavi Parham's parents reported their child was choking.

"We were sitting outside...and all of a sudden she [started turning blue and] gasping for air and white stuff was coming out of her nose and mouth," Kristen Parham, the girl's mother, told Fox 4.

Parham said she fed Ma'Yavi about an hour before the incident occurred.

When Knox arrived, he "laid her on the couch...and sucked cereal out of her throat.".

Soon, Ma'Yavi began breathing again, and smiled at Knox.

Knox wrote on Facebook that "out of my 25 years being a cop this is my greatest and most profound accomplishment".

On Happening Now Tuesday, Jenna Lee talked to Officer Knox, who said he's never experienced something like this in his 25 years on the force. 

"I've even saved a life before, but I've never had something touch me like that child did. I thought: she could grow up to be the President, an astronaut. Who knows, maybe she'll be a cop. The thing that touched me the most is I know I'll get to see her grow up now and do whatever she wants to do," he said. 

Knox said he will always believe that the Lord helped him come up with the unique way in which he saved the baby girl.

Watch the interview above. It'll make your day!

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