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Thirty uncommitted voters watched the debate in St. Louis, Mo., and graded each candidates performance via dials, with pollster Frank Luntz.

The voters found Clinton's best performance during the debate to be when she said she would "go where the money is," and revise the tax code so that it doesn't benefit those at the "top".

"She sounded like Bernie Sanders," Luntz said, "[It's the] class warfare argument."

The voters "thought she was fighting for them," he said.

The voters Luntz dialed-up found Trump's best moment to be when he criticized her for her alleged mishandling of classified information.

"[Clinton] gets a subpoena, you delete 33,000 emails, then you acid wash [them]," Trump said at the time, promising a "special prosecutor" if elected.

"He was holding her accountable in the way the media has not," Luntz said.

The group also dialed-up Trump's videotaped apology that followed the release of a leaked 2005 tape in which the candidate made vulgar comments about women.

Watch the full clip above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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