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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off last night in the second presidential debate of the 2016 campaign. So who came out on top?

Fox News hosts, contributors and political experts are weighing in on Trump and Clinton's performances.

Charles Krauthammer: "His task was to save his campaign by stopping the hemorrhaging in the GOP. We might see that over the next few days, where instead of a mass flight for the exits, that might be reduced as a result of the fact that he had good moments and essentially in the second half of the debate, had a more dominant presence." (Watch his analysis above)

Bill O'Reilly: "[Trump] didn't falter. He took what came at him and turned it into at least a stalemate. So he wasn't blown off, he wasn't humiliated. That's a huge win for him."

Frank Luntz: "I have to change my mind. I think tonight was so significant that he is back in this race."

Chris Stirewalt: "If the hot mic thing hadn't happened, we would be telling a whole different story about Donald Trump today. We'd be saying he was more disciplined, he was better prepared."

Julie Roginsky: "I think mothers - women, but especially mothers - this ['locker room talk'] is not the lesson they want the leader of the free world to impart to their sons. And I don't think anything he said last night is going to change our opinion on that."

Newt Gingrich: "Trump came in prepared to go as hard as he needed to. I think he stayed nose to nose with her all evening. And I think that she steadily."

Bill Hemmer: "Here's how I scored it. She got under his skin early in debate number one. He did the same to her last night."

Laura Ingraham: "I think they actually got a pretty good conversation, and both sides actually, in the end, came across pretty well."

Rudy Giuliani: "This could be one of the biggest knockouts I've seen in a presidential debate. I don't think I've ever seen one candidate dominate the other candidate more."

Steve Hayes: "I think she was not nearly as polished at this debate as she had been in the debate at Hofstra. And Trump was better, particularly in the end of the debate."

Juan Williams: "When it came to substance, I don't think Hillary Clinton had any problem. She was, for instance, on Syria very clear about what we would do, what she would not do. But when Trump says, 'I'd put you in jail and have a special prosecutor,' he just fills the room. Everybody's paying attention to Donald Trump."

Tucker Carlson: "He's not winning on points, he's never winning on points ... But on an emotional level, can he win? Yes, he can. And I think he might have won."

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