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Family Research Council president and Donald Trump supporter Tony Perkins is standing by the Republican nominee despite his vulgar comments about women and extramarital sex.

Perkins said on "Your World" today that Trump's remarks were "immoral" and "very concerning," but he didn't decide to back the billionaire businessman because they share values.

"We don't share the same type of values. We don't see the world the same way, although we do have some shared concerns," Perkins said.

He explained that Hillary Clinton has made it clear she would appoint liberal, pro-choice Supreme Court justices if she's elected president.

Perkins said that Trump, although he has his share of issues, will be a better president for people who are concerned about religious liberty.

"I can guarantee you what we'll have under Hillary Clinton, it will not be a government that evangelicals and other Americans who love their freedom will enjoy or prosper under."

Watch the "Your World" interview above, and share your reaction in the comments.

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