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Charles Krauthammer says that Donald Trump has two options at tonight's presidential debate: be contrite and apologetic about his "hot mic" comments, or "go nuclear" and attack Hillary Clinton.

On "Special Report" tonight, Krauthammer said that Trump should go with the second option, which would involve turning the debate into a fight and attacking morality of the Clintons.

"In that kind of fight, I think he would try to her what she did to him," Krauthammer said. "In the first debate, she put out pieces of cheese, and he followed every one into the mousetrap and ended up in a fight with Miss Universe."

He said that Trump should turn the tables tonight and try to bait Clinton and make her lose her cool.

"If he can make her get into a shouting match with him at a certain point, to bring her down to his level, then he's got a chance to come out ahead," Krauthammer said. "He's good at that."

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