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Actor Jon Voight took to Twitter to slam Robert De Niro after the 'Goodfellas' star was videotaped hurling insults at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

De Niro, 73, called Trump a "bull[expletive] artist", a "con man" and said he wanted to punch his fellow New Yorker "in the face".

"He's so blatantly stupid. He's a punk, he's a dog, he's a pig," De Niro said, categorizing the mogul as a "national disaster."

Voight, 77, a Trump supporter, tweeted that he was "ashamed" of De Niro, and encouraged his fans to "express their anger" at the actor and "Republican turncoats" who had dropped their support of Trump after the leak of a vulgar recording from 2005.

"All Hell would break loose," Voight said, "if any Republican used [De Niro's words] against Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.":

"May God give him the strength to continue his calling,"  Voight wrote of Trump.

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