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"Trump's appeal was also his huge flaw," Greg Gutfeld said on a special Sunday edition of The Five.

"If you live by the media, you die by the media," he said, "Excitement, scandal, laughs, spectacle--you can take advantage of it...but so can your foes."

Gutfeld was reacting to the release of an audiotape from 2005 in which Donald Trump made vulgar remarks about women in a private conversation with Billy Bush before starring in a soap opera cameo.

He also said Trump's scandals are more exciting than Hillary Clinton's, from the media's and public's perspective:

"No matter how bad Hillary is, [she's] not as interesting as Trump."

"With Trump, you get beauty queens and brawls. With Hillary, it's BlackBerry's...the [Democrats] knew that Trump will always do something that overshadows Hillary."

"[Trump] was [Clinton's] perfect choice--an endless cornucopia of crisis that drowns out her failings," he said.

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