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After the second presidential debate tonight, Frank Luntz spoke to a focus group of undecided Missouri voters.

The participants overwhelmingly agreed that Donald Trump's debate performance had a greater impact on their vote than Hillary Clinton's.

Luntz said that he went into the debate thinking that Trump was finished after the candidate was heard on a 2005 hot mic talking about groping women. 

"Based on their response ... I have to change my mind. I think tonight was so significant that is he back in this race," said Luntz.

Asked to describe Trump's performance in one word or phrase, the voters answered: more researched, more presidential, calm and strong.

Clinton, on the other hand, was labeled disingenuous, frustrated and unapologetic.

"Not a single new idea," one man said. 

Luntz asked the focus group if Trump managed to put his derogatory remarks about women behind him, and the participants seemed split.

"It's an issue of character. I have daughters," one woman argued. A male participant dismissed the comments as "locker room talk."

"I would like to think men do not say that in locker rooms and if they do, maybe we need a woman running things," another woman shot back. 

A third woman said morality cannot be regulated, but that the President of the United States should be "respectful" of others.

Watch the Luntz focus group segment above.

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