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After A 2005 tape of Donald Trump making derogatory remarks about women was publicized, pollster Frank Luntz asked voters what they thought the fallout from the release should be.

In an unscientific Twitter poll Luntz created, out of 21,000 respondents, 44 percent said Trump should drop out of the presidential race.

"This is significant that we've heard these comments from Trump in the past...his apologies have been weak at best."

"[Sunday's] debate will be the most important presidential debate that we have seen in 20, 30 years--because if he doesn't soundly defeat [Hillary Clinton], this eleciton will be over," Luntz told Neil Cavuto.

He also noted that many voters he spoke with changed their status from undecided to uncommitted, which he said meant they decided who they won't vote for, but are not yet willing to cast ballots.

"This is Donald Trump's 'Waterloo'," Luntz said, referring to the 1815 battle that ended Napoleon's rule in France.

"They don't want to lose to Hillary Clinton," he said of Republicans, "but [they] acknowledge their candidate is so weakened, they don't know what to do."

"Mike Pence may just be the savior in this."

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