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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was reportedly preparing for Sunday's town hall-style debate when a 2005 tape in he was recorded having a lewd conversation about a married woman, with TV host Billy Bush.

On Fox & Friends, Republican strategist Scott Jennings said there was at least one way Trump could "get ahead" of the controversy and salvage the ability to have a meaningful debate on Sunday with Democrat Hillary Clinton

"Make a speech in advance," Jennings said, "I don't think he can hide out [from the press] for the rest of the weekend."

"In order to try to take it out of the debate...making a speech not off the teleprompter, but from the heart might be the answer for Trump."

Jennings also said Trump's videotaped apology early Saturday will not likely "cut it" when it comes to putting the controversy behind him.

"He has to keep this [debate] focused on the economy and jobs, and things that affect people's everyday lives," Jennings added.

"The debate is good...for Trump," he said, "It give him a chance to speak from the heart and show contrition."

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