Judge Jeanine Slams Hillary: 'You Don’t Support Women, You Destroy Them'

Male Duke Students Offered 'Safe Space' to 'Contemplate Masculinity'

This is sure to be fun on Justice tomorrow night! 

Judge Jeanine Pirro gave us a sneak peek this morning into her latest edition of "Street Justice."

Judge Pirro headed out to St. John's University in New York City to talk to some members of the Debate Society there and get some pointers for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ahead of Sunday night's second debate.

One student said each candidate should try to create a "central theme" that they can keep going back to throughout the event to present a more "convincing and persuasive argument." 

The judge had a bit of a disagreement with a female student who took issue with people pointing out that Clinton was smiling while she was being criticized by Trump at the first debate. 

The student argued that a male candidate would not face the same scrutiny and Judge Jeanine started a debate right there.

"Do you really believe that? Oh come on, get past that!" Judge Pirro shot back, leaving Steve, Brian and Ainsley very amused on Fox & Friends this morning. 

Pirro said the trip was a lot of fun, so make sure you tune in for the full report on Justice with Judge Jeanine, Saturday night at 9:00 ET on Fox News Channel!

And don't miss the second Presidential Debate, Sunday at 9pm ET!

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