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Laura Ingraham revealed her best debate advice for Donald Trump tonight on "Hannity": "Understand that the moderators aren't really moderators. The moderators are there to ensure that you lose the presidential election."

She said that Trump should accept that he's going to be treated unfairly by Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper, and instead focus on explaining how the policies of President Obama and Hillary Clinton have failed.

"They had their chance and it didn't work," Ingraham said. "The country is begging for real and refreshing and optimistic change."

She said that Trump has to stay with that message and not get defensive when Clinton launches personal attacks or when Raddatz and Cooper ask tough questions.

She argued that the moderators will become "increasingly irrelevant" if they continue to focus on issues from the past, such as Trump's tax returns or his comments about women, instead of asking about America's future.

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