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Catherine Herridge reported today that there may have been "classification code monkey business" at the State Department during the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

Herridge said on "On The Record With Brit Hume" tonight that a close reading of the FBI's files from the investigation reveals that senior State Department official Patrick Kennedy allegedly tried to change the classified codes on some Clinton emails, in order to shield them from Congress and the public.

She explained that an unnamed State Department witness claims there was a deliberate effort to change the "B-1" code on several of Clinton's sensitive emails to "B-5," which would essentially put them down the "ultimate black hole."

Herridge and Pamela Browne reported on FoxNews.com:

Over five pages of the single-spaced summary notes, the witness, whose name is redacted, alleges Clinton’s team which included Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy played classification games to confuse and obfuscate the formal FOIA review process.

“(Redacted) believed there was interference with the formal FOIA review process. Specifically, STATE’s Near East Affairs Bureau upgraded several of CLINTON’s emails to a classified level with a B(1) release exemption. (Redacted) along with (redacted) attorney, Office of Legal Counsel called STATE's Near East Affairs Bureau and told them they could use a B(5) exemption on an upgraded email to protect it instead of the B(1) exemption."

In early May 2015, the witness reported, "… KENNEDY held a closed-door meeting with (redacted) and (redacted) DOJ's Office of Information Programs where KENNEDY pointedly asked (redacted) to change the FBI's classification determination regarding one of CLINTON's emails, which the FBI considered classified. The email was related to FBI counter-terrorism operations.”

Watch more from Herridge above, and read more about these allegations on FoxNews.com.

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