Gov. Mike Pence laid out a blueprint for Donald Trump to follow at the next presidential debate, Chris Stirewalt said this morning. 

Reacting on America's Newsroom, the Fox News digital politics editor and co-host of I'll Tell You What said that Pence did the opposite of Trump at last night's VP debate. 

"He showed his boss, #1, how to do it," said Stirewalt, explaining that Pence simply "absorbed" Tim Kaine's insults toward Trump and moved on. 

"Pence stayed right on his message. ... He pushed it back on his rival and got right back on his talking points. That's what Donald Trump needs to do in St. Louis Sunday night."

Martha MacCallum noted that Kaine's delivery of his talking points was "transparent" and it felt rehearsed to viewers. 

"You're supposed to internalize those lines, own them, make them your own and then make it sound like you just thought of them," she said.

Stirewalt said Hillary Clinton did the same thing in the debate with some of her lines, but Pence, on the other hand, excelled at making "obviously" prepared lines seem as if they just occurred to him. 

Watch the analysis above and tune in for Perino & Stirewalt: I'll Tell You What, Saturday at 5:00pm ET on Fox News Channel as they look ahead to Sunday night's 2nd debate between Trump and Clinton.

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